Buster Bros. Tribute

Buster Bros Tribute

Buster Bros. Tribute

Initially inspired by Super Buster Bros. what ultimately intrigued me about this simple game was the unique artwork that is created by the imprint left on the background of the blocks as you destroy them.

There are a limited number of levels, but I would grow this game by experimenting with different shapes and allowing the ability to save the background image or somehow capture them.  An additional level of difficulty could be to start with a background image that the player has to carefully destroy blocks with the right timing such that they fill in the background and try to get as close to 100% coverage before they run out of blocks.

Concept: Bouncing block shooter with an artistic twist.


ARROWS / WASD: Move and Jump
SPACE / Left Click: Shoot

ESC: Restart 

How to Play:

Increase your score by shooting blocks
Lose health if hit by a block.
Watch out for “skippers” and try to jump over them.
There is no limit to the number of times a block can bounce.
Blocks leave an imprint on the background when destroyed (except smallest size).

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