Ludum Dare 31: Cir-kill-it

Game play, about to close the loop.

Ludum Dare 31: Cir-kill-it

My entry for Ludum Dare 31 (theme: Entire Game on One Screen) created with Brandon Johnston.  Ludum Dare is a 48-72 hr game design competition where ~ 2000 teams compete globally 3 times a year.

Cir-kill-it ranked top 33% for Mood and top 35% for Graphics out of 1268 teams competing in the jam portion of the competition.  This was great because we intentionally tried to focus most on mood for this jam as it was historically a low scoring category.  We received mixed feedback on the mobile tilt control style, but one comment was particularly intriguing.  The player noted that the trail can be used not only offensively to clear enemies, but also defensively as a barricade allowing you time to escape to safety.  The artwork was created for a boss battle, but we ran out of time to implement the feature.

Concept: Top down shooter as a base with guns swapped out for a trailing lasso.

* Hold portrait and close to flat for best results 
TILT: Move ship 
TAP: Start/Stop trail 

ARROWS: Move ship 
SPACE: Start/Stop trail 
ESC: Restart 
M: Toggle Mute 
P: Pause 

How to Play:

Increase your score by trapping enemies in your ship’s trail. 
Use Space/Tap to drop the “Hit Bubble” and start the trail. 
Fly around and then back to the bubble to destroy trapped enemies and score points. 
Capturing a 2x enemy doubles the value of all enemies trapped, this bonus stacks.

Let us know what your top score is! Mine is 320 on mobile and 1,170 with a keyboard. 

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