Ludum Dare 27: Minecraft Creeper Revolt

Minecraft Creeper Revolt screenshot by Jeff Neet

Ludum Dare 27: Minecraft Creeper Revolt

My first public attempt at a game was this entry for the 27th Ludum Dare 48-hr game design competition.  This was actually submitted to the 72-hr game jam, but I was traveling over that weekend and lost about a day in the middle.  The community provided favorable feedback overall, and ranked in the top 22% for humor and 36% for innovation compo catagories.
EDIT: It would appear this has stopped running on Chrome. You may try IE or download for Windows.

Controls:  Up/Left/Right Arrows – Move X (Hold) – Hiss X (Release) – Explode Z – Fall back into Facebook trance Esc – Restart Story: Our beloved creator of Minecraft, Notch, was experimenting for an upcoming patch and created a recipe to craft a smart phone! Little did he know this would drastically alter the world as we know it. The phone provided a direct portal for Facebook to enter. The villagers were amused at first, but astonished at first night fall. All creepers who come anywhere near Facebook are completely spellbound and mesmerized by it! Following in the steps of many before who have discovered great power, the sought quickly to find a way to exploit it. Since this time, you will no longer see these jolly green walking time-bombs grazing the endless algorithmically generated hills. The Creepers have been lead below the surface, into the coal mines, guided carefully into place– then detonated. A Creepercaust is underway fueled by, greed, hatred, and only possibly justified by their ever-present “HisssSSss” in the Villager’s nightmares. The Creepers appear to be utterly helpless against this tyranny. All but one, of course. A bit of an outcast, and not very social, a young Creeper named Howard seems to have a natural immunity to Facebook’s allure. It’s up to him to shake his brethren out of a daze and band together to fight this new menace. Will you be able guide him to destroy this harbinger of doom?

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