Ludum Dare 29: Paddle Battle Pegasus


Ludum Dare 29: Paddle Battle Pegasus

My entry for Ludum Dare 29 (theme Beneath the Surface) created with Brandon Johnston and Dawn Spencer.  Ludum Dare is a 48-72 hr game design competition where ~ 2000 teams compete globally 3 times a year.

Paddle Battle Pegasus ranked top 16% for Innovation and top 26% for Fun out of 1004 teams competing in the jam portion of the competition.  With some modifications based on feedback, we think it is addicting enough to release on Kongregate, or an iOS / Android mobile app.

Concept: Deal or No Deal crossed with an infinite runner wrapped around a sea monster… BENEATH THE SURFACE.

WASD and Arrow keys to guide your ship.
UP = speed boost
DOWN = Drag (Slow Down)
LEFT & RIGHT = Rotate

ESC = Reset Game
M = Mute

How to Play:

Collect gold to fill your chest.
Meet the quota to send gold to the bank.
Try to lock in the highest score.

The monster grows more angry with every completed chest.
You can survive 2 hits from a tentacle, but the monster yields insta-death.

When you die, you may chose to sacrifice a chest OR to lock in your score.
If you choose to continue, a chest will be thrown back into the sea at random.
Gold thrown back into the sea is taken away from your score (unless you scramble to pick it up)

Sacrificed chests do not count towards your score unless filled again.
If all chests are full when the next is completed, the lowest value chest will be replaced.

Score = Chests in the bank + gold in the chest being filled.
Let us know in the comments what your best high-score was!!!

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